Synchronizing The Conversation

Picture it…Lake Como…mid-day on the patio at The Grand Tremezzo Hotel; jazz playing lightly overhead; your favorite afternoon drink in hand. Perfectly displayed in panoramic fashion, the most picturesque view your eyes have witnessed. In a place like this, customer experiences are happening at every moment, all around you.

Then, as if torn from a movie script, right in front of you, a husband sneaks away for a moment to surprise his wife with a gift. He returns, placing it on the table in front of her. She’s taken aback, opens it, utters it’s perfect and expresses her delight with affection. The last day of their vacation has been made!

While our husband may have used the Internet to research this gift, his mobile to price it, and an app to find an offer, the thought that was required to enable the moment was all his…humanity! No matter how quickly technology advances, the difference between an amazing experience and a memorable one is always the human element.

Of course, the problem in today’s world is that technology has taken over, causing customers’ expectations to rise like never before while forcing businesses to keep up by deploying any number of these ingredient technologies.

The challenge, that is presenting itself as the answer, is Omni-channel; this horribly overused word that was no doubt conjured up by business-person rather than a creative, just like phygital or SoLoMo! Omni-channel, that’s another $20 in the swear jar, is about fusing together the right set of technologies to enable a seamless view of inventory or the ability to pay across touchpoints, etc…

The larger question is, how do retailers enable a synchroznied customer experience, one that allows, encourages, customers to shop the brand, leveraging the technology that has become as connected to them as their fingers and toes, and do so whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want, while finding the very best value for it

Now, for those of us in [the customer experience field], we all know the obstacles and complexities that exist, and we’re all working endlessly to solve them, but the task has grown so monumental, not one company can solve it alone.

In an attempt to do my part, I’ll be sharing a series of articles on customer experience from all perspectives: retailers, partners, designers, technologists, agencies, consultants, and everybody in between, while penning other posts on insights from the world of retail, as living in NYC provides me with access to experiences that can’t be had anywhere else.

My goal, just like the solution, is to synchronize the conversation, to provoke relevance and meaning, and to most importantly, learn from everybody involved.

I look forward to hearing from you!





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