I’m Your Huckberry

Like most people in the world who receive mail, I find myself inundated with catalogs that I have no recollection ever signing up for and more importantly that have nothing to do with anything I care about.

One day last week, as I was tossing the five I received into the recycling bin, one caught my eye. I’m not sure if it was the name, the logo, or maybe a combination of both, but something said to me, hmmm…this looks interesting.

It was from the guys at Huckberry, an independent online retailer, and magazine for adventurous guys, and after a flip through the story-telling pages of their magazine it turns out interesting was an understatement.

This particular issue, which they advise you enjoy under the influence, check, was telling me all about their 72ish hours in the San Juan Islands with a few of their compadres. With each turn of the page, I was transported a bit deeper into their journey feeling less and less like I was being sold to and more and more along for the ride.

As they state, their goal is to be equal parts store, magazine, and inspiration meaning that customers falling in love and finding value with the content and the company are just as important as the goods they are hawking! I found this to be the case.

The pieces that occupy each page are carefully curated, essentials for the Huckberry lifestyle, making it easier to conjure up why I would need the Bare Bones Forest Lantern, the Armogan Spirit of St. Louis Watch or everything on pages 40 & 41.

They don’t stop short at only caring about how I look. They also care about how I feel, ensuring I’ll be well nourished and well oiled, detailed by the Salt Baked Trout and Apple Maple Hot Toddy recipes.

The thing about this catalog, maybe the biggest difference,  was the sense of attainability, reminding me of an actual day in the life of my past versus a hopeful day in the life of my future. I know these guys; went to high school with these guys; drank beer and passed out on the porch and probably tripped over, or even onto, the fire with these guys. I didn’t have to stretch my imagination to connect to the brand as such is the case many of the others.

I look forward to the day they bring the 2D pages of their print and digital touch points to life with a physical experience; maybe in the shape of a pop-up shop on a houseboat or a stand on the side of the road to a picturesque Maine town.

Until then, I say well-done Huckberry!  I can’t wait to see where you take me next.



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